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9th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Use of Bots To Support Management Software Develop-Ment and Streamline Client/producer Communication In The 5.0 Industry

Bots built on management software platforms are a new tool to improve daily communication between users of the same application. Its use shows advantages thanks to the possibility of automating the process of communication, production and distribution of products in general, and even to follow live events or news in-formation that is published through the respective modules of the management systems. Gradually, companies are adapting their strategies to the use of these tools and process automation. This research presents the results of a discussion group with forty-six professionals in the software developer, which aims to analyze the bot phenomenon in Ecuador. The initial results reveal that software de-velopment and the industry are in a stage of adoption of this technology, although the first success stories can already be seen. The discussion group was formed taking into account the experience in the area of software development and the practice in the implementation of bots

Oscar Fernando Ibarra Torres
Universidad T├ęcnica de Ambato


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