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9th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Gamification Strategies For Eliciting Software Requirements

Requirements elicitation is an important process for software product development. This process involves detecting and understanding clients’ and users’ needs. From this process is possible to provide clarity about the definition of the requirements to be used in the next stages of the software development. Although important, stakeholders’ collaboration in the elicitation process is scarce. In this regard, providing supporting strategies to foster collaboration in this type of process has become a motivating and challenging study area for researchers. This paper intends to define a set of gamification strategies characterized according to their contribution to stakeholders’ collaboration, communication, and participation in the requirements elicitation process. These strategies were collected via a systematic literature review process. In this process, a selection of strategies was made. Such strategies were analyzed and characterized. Results showed that software tools are one of the strategies being the most frequently used. Future work may include descriptive statistics to improve the analysis and characterization of the strategies.

Gloria Piedad Gasca-Hurtado
Universidad de Medellín

Liliana Machuca-Villegas
Universidad del Valle

Vianca Vega Zepeda
Universidad Católica del Norte


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