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9th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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The Design of Social Coupons As A Digital Promotional Tactic

Digital media is evolving and challenging the implementation of corporate communication strategies which ceaselessly look for new tactics for customer acquisition and retention. In this domain, the present study assesses the importance of design in the digitalization of discount social coupons. It focuses on the analysis of the tactics used to increase attractiveness to customers, through an analysis from the point of view of the consumer and the marketeer responsible. The research follows the Design-based Research methodology that requires con- sequent redesign the artefact proposal – social coupon. Thus, the research is di- vided in 4 main phases. Data are collected through the inquiries by online ques- tionnaires and interviews, and in a focus group session. The framework created and the evaluation of nine drawn coupon’s proposal shows that consumers have a strong preference for warm colors, rounded shapes, and non-serif fonts. The findings of this research show that marketeers should clarify their tactics and adapt its digitalization to consumers’ preferences. This study can complement previous studies based on the effectiveness of the digitalization of promotional tactics through social coupons. These ones are useful to the companies to under stand how to increase consumer’s interest.

Joana Sampaio Correia
University of Aveiro/ Department of Communication and Art

Dora Simões
University of Aveiro / Digimedia


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