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9th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

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Flashcards As A Microlearning Tool In English Language Teaching

The paper deals with the use of a mobile application based on the principle of flashcards to support the teaching of English to primary school pupils. Us-ing such an application while doing homework is a prerequisite for expand-ing pupils' vocabulary, improving pronunciation and storing words in long-term memory. The reason for using the mobile application is to make English language teaching more attractive, since in the Czech Republic there is a de-clining trend in the level of English language acquisition. Based on further described criteria, a mobile application working on the principles of flash-cards was selected. The application was available to a group of pupils to fa-cilitate their home preparation for their English lessons. The pupils' acquired knowledge was then tested and also their work with the application was mon-itored. Simultaneously, a feedback through a questionnaire survey was ob-tained from the pupils using this application. Besides the effect of flashcards on the level of vocabulary in the English language of a selected target group, the paper also deals with the potential use of flashcards as one of the possi-ble tools of microlearning.

Tomas Javorcik
University of Ostrava


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